Update 1.2!

1.2 is now live! It contains an easy mode, a score display on the game over screen, and a Return to Title button on the same screen.

If you see any bugs, just leave a comment on the page.

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hello alright, this morning I was looking for a game to do analysis, and I found yours then 


well, i played your game and i liked the idea but what is missing a difference between your game and the other games, your game and about traveling with a spaceship dodging asteroids, if i were his developer i would create aliens, planets , travel in wormholes, black holes, etc. let your imagination flow don't get caught up in the base of others remember you can create what you want in a game, and if you sometimes don't know how to program fully, study and focus on what you want, and don't give up and so you will be successful in your game : ^ and improves the fps my phone crashed with the game and that's it I hope I helped, and good luck with your project ;^)