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ngl, really like the enhanced/harder beginning. When this gets updated, I think it will be one of the better mods.

i'll probably finish it one day but recently i've been spending more time making my own games instead of mods.
it's simultaneously disheartening and encouraging to see the amount of views this celeste mod i made 2 years ago compared to the rest of my projects but i'll take what i can get lol :)

It's really cool! some of the sprites are really ugly though.

Yeah, art of any kind is not my thing. I tried to stick to just recolouring sprites already there, but it still might look a bit eh

I like the extra mechanics you added though! An idea could be adding the thing where you angle the dash diagonal to the ground and jump immediately. I forget what it's called.

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It's called a wavedash. It doesn't normally exist in celeste classic because there is no advanced momentum system. If it were added it would probably take a lot of work and would change the whole feel of the game. Also cool mod.